There is a lot to buying a house. Here is the typical process in which you buy a house:


Pre-Approval / Pre-Qualification

  • At this stage you would find out what type of loan and how much you would qualify for based on the information you provide so you can refine the house choices

Placing an Offer

  • Once you have decided on a house you like, you would place an offer. If the seller accepts, then congratulations! You’re one step closer to purchasing the home!

Home Inspection

  • Once you’re offer has been accepted, you will want to get a home inspection from a licensed home inspector. This will allow you to determine the condition of the house and avoid purchasing a property that is in need of costly repairs.

Signing the Purchase and Sales AgreementImage result for agreement

  • After your home inspection has been completed and you have received the results, you will go through final negotiations with the seller and sign the purchase and sales agreement, a legally binding document prepared by the sellers attorney which will go over terms and conditions of the purchase.

Loan Application

  • Once you’re purchase agreement has been signed, you will need to obtain financing for your purchase. During this phase, your loan application will be taken down and you will be required to provide all the necessary documentation for processing your loan.

Loan Processing

  • Once your application has been taken and you have provided all the necessary documents for the bank to review your file, your loan will be submitted to the bank for approval. During this time, the appraisal and title work will also be ordered to complete the loan process. Typically, the application and processing phases take between 25-30 days.


  • Once your loan has received a clear to close from the bank you can sign all the papers and your dream house is officially yours!